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Award winning serial entrepreneurs, consultants and public speakers Christel Albritton MacLean and Colin Scott MacLean have lived an entrepreneurial lifestyle since they arrived in Saratoga Springs, NY from NYC after over 10 successful years working for top Wall Street firms in investment banking and Broadway and Off Broadway theatrical production. They are excited to have recently established offices in Los Angeles. 

Armed with a Williams College Bachelor of Arts degree, a Wharton MBA and years of practical experience in the trenches, these professionals are uniquely positioned to share their stories and more importantly provide a “how to” (and how not to!) on the nuances of general business, entrepreneurship, career advisory services and applying their unique principles of Curved Line Living to business and life in general. Frequent guest speakers at corporations, corporate retreats, networking events, media panel discussions, colleges/universities and trade associations, they are a wealth of valuable information focusing on strategies for success in corporate, entrepreneurial, educational and hospitality fields

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p: 212.729.8055
e: Seminars@CurvedLineLiving.com
w: CurvedLineLiving.com 

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