Curved Line Living is such an inspiration for young, aspiring entrepreneurs. Hearing about both Colin and Christel's paths to getting where they are today makes entrepreneurship feel like more of a possibility. The keys to fearless entrepreneurship that they map out so clearly provide a guideline to turning your ideas into a reality. I highly value the advice, insight, and guidance that this workshop has provided me and what I have learned from it holds true not only in being a fearless entrepreneur, but also being ambitious and strategic no matter what career you take up. The way the information is presented is very easy to understand and absorb, partly due to the fact that everything discussed is then applied to an entrepreneurial experience that Christel and Colin have had. I would not pass up the opportunity to learn from such successful entrepreneurs and I highly recommend this workshop to anyone who has ever had a light bulb go off in their head, you will not regret it.

E Johnston


The seminar was without a doubt one of the most valuable sessions I have ever had. I loved your perspective that it doesn’t matter how well competitors do, but that it matters more that you do the best you possibly can. That insight really spoke to me because it made me feel much more comfortable with my own abilities; I can only control what I can control, and with that, I will learn to adapt and do the best I possibly can. It was a great reminder to pay attention to my own strengths and weaknesses so that I can become whatever I want to be, versus trying to live up to another person’s standards. I loved your stories, and really hope I get to see you again soon.

R Dance


Hi Christel, Thanks for the discussion this morning. It was really interesting and very helpful, and I'm very excited for the future! By the way, I just remembered—I'm going to Shanghai this summer to work at an investment bank doing capital restructuring for some start ups, and I'm sure my coworkers there would be very interested in opening some business there. I'll keep in touch.

K Xu


Dear Mrs. MacLean, I would like to thank you for the wonderful seminar that you and your husband gave at Williams last month. Your career search advice was invaluable and since then I have marched forward with the utmost confidence in my job search. My newly found optimism in the whole experience has resulted in increasingly more job interviews. Once again, thank you and I hope all is well.

R Beaton