Curved Line Living

Signature Events & Seminars

Any of the seminars below may be scheduled for private or group consultations.

Vision Day - Private Consulting

An experience… the Gold Standard of Curved Line Living’s private consulting business. Sign up and invest in this full day of individual, “one on one” consulting. In advance of this day-long session you will complete a detailed questionnaire that will include specific goals and objectives as well as any materials that you would like to provide for either background purposes or analysis. The objective of the Curved Line Living Vision Day is to map out a plan to get you from point A to… not just point B… but to your Goal Point. If your objective is monetary – for example – how to bring in $10,000 per month with your own business; that is what we will map out from start to finish. If your goal is to take a fledgling idea to total business fruition we will map that out. 

Principles of Curved Line Living
Life is not a straight line! An interactive analysis of the key principles of Curved Line Living: Reinvention, Positivity, Following your Intuition, Self Reliance, and more. This seminar will be a continuing series and will feature special guests who will share their individual stories and how they followed the curved line to success!
Career Advisory Mastermind

Life is not a Straight Line! This master class will help you put this principle in context as you embark on a career or job search. This content is applicable whether you are just coming out of college or graduate school or are already established in a career and looking for a change. Available as a private consultation or seminar. You’ll also receive our “Top 10 Tips for Success” takeaway. A Curved Line Living favorite!

Executive Corporate Entrepreneurship

Running a company and want your team leaders to learn how companies have utilized principles of entrepreneurship to radically grow their business? Cases will be shared of examples where a business has grown in one direction for years and then by innovation and/or acquisition, annexed a new business segment with tremendous success. Great for small groups, corporate retreats and on site team building!

Fearless Entrepreneurship Summit

Attend this lively and packed seminar full of tips on diving into the world of entrepreneurship. This is a hands-on, working seminar that will have you prepared and ready to start your business!

Extreme Restaurant Boot Camp ™

Thinking of getting into the restaurant business? Investing in this unique private VIP experience offers the qualified candidate the opportunity to be onsite at our restaurants (one casual, high volume; the other fine dining) to get true insight into what it takes to be successful in this notoriously tough business.

Fearless Entrepreneurship Seminar

Attend this lively and packed seminar full of tips on diving into the world of entrepreneurship. This is a hands-on, working seminar that will have you prepared and ready to start your business – whether you are ready now or just thinking about it!

Introduction to Corporate Entrepreneurship
Working in a traditional corporation? Utilize our proprietary model: “Corporate Entrepreneurship” and work smarter with better results by implementing the same skills that you would use if running your own business. This is a hands-on seminar that will provide specific examples of how to merge these two seemingly disparate productivity mindsets - with success! This seminar works well for individual or small group coaching sessions.
New Business Development Workshop - “Anatomy of a Start Up”
Detailed and personalized review of Business Plan content with templates and insights provided for creating realistic financial projections; developing your professional support team (accounting/legal/licensing); raising money to finance your venture; real estate/location scouting; lease negotiation tips; marketing and public relations. Guest speakers will be on hand to provide their unique perspectives, share professional advice and experience. “One on one” sessions will be held throughout the workshop to address your specific goals and business objectives.
Curved Line Living for Women in Business

Principles of Curved Line Living and our proprietary Strategies for Success – tailored just for women!

Social Aspects of Business
Get comfortable with these unseen markers for success: Networking, public speaking, social skills, business etiquette, dining out, attire, the interview process, mentoring and establishing lasting professional relationships. This seminar will involve participant interaction and role playing in each of the aforementioned areas to gain maximum confidence by seminar completion.
Marketing and Networking Skills Workshop
Creating meaningful connections in business.
Leadership and Assertiveness Skills Workshop
Strategies for effective leadership and assertive action utilizing new skills.
Social Media and Technology Retreat
A “how to” day long retreat focusing on all things tech: apps, phones, tablets, cameras, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Skype, etc. Pick a menu of things you want to get better at and tap into the expertise of our accomplished professionals joining us for the day.
Managing Growth
You’ve done it – you have your own business! Now you need to keep it fresh, continue to grow and enjoy the process. This seminar will focus on: managing the day to day minutiae; deciding how and when to expand; making smart hiring choices to help you move to the next level; the power of delegating; sharing advanced networking tips; and using social media to refresh and empower your brand.
Finding Inspiration
How to stay focused and positive! Join us for a round table discussion of favorite quotes, authors and larger than life inspirational business personalities. Attendance limited.