Signature Events & Seminars

Any of the seminars below may be scheduled for private or group consultations.

Principles of Curved Line Living

Life is not a straight line! An interactive analysis of the key principles of Curved Line Living: Reinvention, Positivity, Following your Intuition, Self Reliance, and more.

In addition, we will examine real life case studies involving contemporary personalities who have reinvented themselves and followed the curved line to success. This is your springboard to a powerful new way of looking at life!

Fearless Entrepreneurship

A deep dive into entrepreneurship... You will be prepared and ready to start your own successful business, fearlessly!

Topics included are:
• Developing your concept
• Creating the right mindset for going out on your own
• You are “all in” – what next?
• Establishing your timeline
• Raising capital and building cash flow projections
• Corporate structure, legal and accounting
• Networking, branding, PR and marketing
• Managing the process:
    - Time management
    - Overcoming hurdles
    - Staying positive
• “Strategies for Success”: Proprietary tips for entrepreneurial success

Vision Day - Private Consultation Only

An experience... the Gold Standard of Curved Line Living’s private consulting business. Sign up and invest in this full day of individual, “one on one” consulting. In advance of this day-long session you will complete a detailed questionnaire that will include specific goals and objectives as well as any materials that you would like to provide for either background purposes or analysis.

The objective of the Curved Line Living Vision Day is to map out a plan to get you from point A to... not just point B... but to your Goal Point. If your objective is monetary – for example – how to bring in $10,000 per month with your own business; that is what we will map out from start to finish. If your goal is to take a fledgling idea to total business fruition, we will map that out.

The advance work that we will do coupled with the full day meeting will be a permanent guide to your success. Incorporated in our work together are the same skills and tactics that we have used in creating each of our businesses.

Career Advisory Mastermind
This master class will help you as you embark on a career or job search. The content is applicable whether you are already established in a career and looking for a change, or just coming out of college or graduate school. You’ll also receive our “Top 10 Tips for SuccessTM ” takeaway!
Executive Corporate Entrepreneurship

Running a company and want your team leaders to learn how companies have utilized principles of entrepreneurship to radically grow their business? Cases will be shared of examples where a business has grown in one direction for years and then by innovation and/or acquisition, annexed a new business segment with tremendous success. Great for individuals, small groups, corporate retreats and on-site team building!

Sign up and let’s brainstorm to strategically develop a plan to take your company or division to the next level by breaking out of set patterns and applying both established and groundbreaking principles of entrepreneurship to your business model.

Extreme Restaurant Boot Camp ™

Thinking of getting into the restaurant business? Nothing will be held back – front and back of house operations, Chef and GM insights, financial benchmarks and analytical systems, menu planning, hiring, marketing, real estate and lease matters, all will be placed on the table.

From our experience owning 4 restaurants we will use as prototypes for the boot camp - a casual, high volume model as well as a fine dining model. The Extreme Restaurant Boot CampTM is an intense immersion into everything you need to know before making the leap.

Additional Seminars

Available in private or small group format

• Introduction to Corporate Entrepreneurship
• New Business Development Workshop: “Anatomy of a Start-Up”
• Curved Line LivingTM for Women in Business
• Social Aspects of Business
• Leadership & Assertiveness Skills Workshop
• Social Media & Technology Retreat
• Finding Inspiration